Are you an expat spouse looking for work? We are happy to help!

Please note: the pilot spouse program has come to an end. It is not possible to apply anymore. We will evaluate the program and announce on our social media channels if we will continue with the program. Thank you for your interest. Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region started a pilot programme to support ten international spouses in their search for a job in Utrecht Region.

Support for spouses

The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region offers various services to make internationals feel at home. That also includes services to family members and spouses of internationals who relocated to Utrecht Region to work.

About the programme

This programme offers career support to partners or spouses of highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands. The aim of the programme is to help spouses understand their own career path options, and increase their confidence and ability to progress along their desired career path. The International Welcome Centre will provide them with support and training with a personalised approach. The programme offers no job guarantee as the participant is and will remain responsible for his/her own career path.

What to expect

What this programme will look like, depends on the needs and wishes of the selected spouses. This will be discussed and determined during a meeting with the individual spouses.

The support can include:

  • Individual career and networking consultations to help you plan your career and establish business contacts.
  • (Networking) meetings with HR employers and recruiters to understand the labour market and create contacts.
  • Training sessions to learn how to navigate the Dutch labour market, and present yourself to the labour market, such as reviewing your CV or a LinkedIn workshop.

This programme is government funded and there are no costs involved for the participant.

The planning

Step 1 (until December 1st):     application period

Step 2:                                          selection of the 10 spouses joining the programme

Step 3:                                          meeting with individual spouses to determine personal needs and
                                                       wishes and establishing a planning

This programme starts in October and ends in April and in this period of time, project leader Geraldine van Bloemendaal, will select 10 spouses and mediate them to work.

The duration of the support depends on the personalised planning of the participants but ends in April at the latest.

How to apply

Due to the high demand for positions, we can only accept participants who meet the program’s target group:

  • You are an accompanying partner/ spouse of an expat who relocated to Utrecht Region for work
  • You are currently not working in the Netherlands
  • You are legally allowed to work in the Netherlands
  • You are residing in Utrecht Region
  • You are immediately available and motivated to start looking for a job straight away

Please send an email including your resume to before December 1st to apply.

Send email


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or want more information about the programme. Send an email to and we will follow up with you shortly.