About us

Utrecht International Center

We believe that starting a new life abroad should be easy and enjoyable. It should leave those who have decided to take this big step happy and wanting to stay. That is why it’s our purpose to create a region that is plug and play for internationals.

The way we help them ease into their new life is by offering our services in a convenient and accessible way, that is most beneficial to the international community and free of charge.

What services do we offer? We:

  • Provide excellent customer services at our counters to help internationals simply arrange the official procedures upon their arrival. We help them organise their municipal registration and permits.
  • Help internationals with current and accurate information about their individual situation to make them familiar with life in Utrecht Region. We help new arrivals and international residents adjust to a new culture, language and way of doing things, together with our partners. We provide them with information about housing, health care, education and more in English.
  • Ensure easy access to the local (international) community to help internationals settle in. We organise events so internationals can network with fellow internationals and companies to develop social and professional contacts.  

To find out more about how we do this, visit Utrecht International Center’s website. Questions? Feel free to visit us or send us an email

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