Orientation Year Visa

Have you just graduated, obtained a PhD or performed scientific research and wish to find a job or start your own company? The Orientation Year Visa enables you to explore the endless possibilities to start your career in the Netherlands.

Find more information about the visa and check if you are eligible below.

Benefits of the orientation year

The Orientation Year Visa offers many benefits. You are granted free access to the Dutch labour market for the period of 12 months. This means that there is, apart from the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act (WML), no salary criterion and that an employer does not have to apply for a work permit for you. During your orientation year, more favorable conditions apply to being eligible for the highly skilled migrant residence permit, which also makes you more interesting for a potential employer.

Am I eligible for an orientation year visa?

Do you have a foreign diploma and want to work or study in Netherlands but not sure if you are eligible? The orientation year permit allows people that finished their bachelor* or master, obtained a PhD or performed scientific research at one of the top 200 educational institutions in the world (Dutch universities are among the top 200) to obtain this one year permit. * Only bachelor degrees obtained at a Dutch university are eligible to the orientation year.

Want to check whether your degree is eligible for a Dutch Orientation year permit? Please use the Search Year Tool below.

How do I apply?

You submit your application for an orientation year visa with the IND.  The process differs depending on whether you are in the Netherlands or abroad. Find out what the requirements are in your case and how to apply on the IND website.

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