Biking in Utrecht Region

The Dutch biking philosophy can be summed up in two words: calm & assertive. Embody these two qualities and you'll have a much easier and enjoyable time out there. If you’ve already arrived here, you won’t be surprised to hear that there are more bicycles than people, by a large margin! With hundreds of kilometres of separated bike paths, you’ll find it enjoyable and much easier to get around on two wheels in Utrecht.

Finding a bike

When you’re ready to saddle up and ride, you have many choices to find a bike. The most common option is to buy a bike - new or second hand – from the bike shop (fietsenmaker). The bike shop is the place where you can also find solid used bikes. A good one will run you about €100-150. Next to that, the bike shop is also the place to be when you need minor repairs – no appointment needed, same day service is generally possible.

If you want to rent a bike for a short periode of time, the OV-fiets is the perfect option. You can rent an OV-fiets from many stations for just €4.15 per bicycle per 24 hours. You just need a personal OV-chipkaart to rent one.


There are some rules that you as a cyclist should know of. Helmets are not required in the Netherlands unless you ride on a high speed electrical bike (a speed-pedelec). To keep everybody happy and safe, always signal where you’re turning by pointing the direction, or down if you’re slowing/stopping in an unexpected place. Be aware that people will pass you on all sides, so practice proactive turn signalling, especially when going left. And keep in mind that not all Dutch cyclists take the rules or traffic lights very seriously, so always be alert.

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Are you lost in the overload of information? Don’t worry!
The volunteers of Utrecht International Center are happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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