If you plan to stay in Utrecht Region for a long period, you may want to consider buying a home. Before purchasing a property, make sure you understand the market. In Utrecht Region, there are many services that can help you find the right place and guide you through the process of buying a house in the Netherlands. We advise you to first meet with a mortgage advisor before looking for a property. They can provide realistic insight into properties that fit your needs and budget. Our partners can assist you.

Finding homes for sale

When out and about, you may see properties with ‘for sale’ signs. Google the address or the real estate agent listed on the sign to find the relevant website for further details. But this may not be the most convenient way to go about things. In the Netherlands, people tend to visit various well-known websites like Funda to obtain an overview of residences currently on the market. Most real estate agents put their new property listings on their own websites before they appear on Funda. Real estate agents are commonly used in the Netherlands. It is advisable to use one when buying a house in the Netherlands, especially if you are a new arrival or not fluent in Dutch. Most of the time, both the buyer and seller have an agent and each has a different role in the transaction. An agent will negotiate on your behalf to find a place that meets your needs.


To buy a house, you first need to get a mortgage. There are different types of mortgages available. The one that suits you best will depend largely on your income, savings and the mortgage you have in mind. As with any loan, when taking out a mortgage you will eventually have to repay the initial loan plus the incurred interest. With some types of mortgages, you immediately start repayment of the capital while also paying the interest on the initial loan, usually over a long period of time. We advise you to explore the available options.