Waste & recycling

From household waste and large unwanted item to recycling services - find general information about Utrecht Region's waste and recycling services below. Please note: the various municipalities in the Utrecht Region offer different waste collection services. For specific information, such as which waste to recycle and how to order a new bin, please check your municipality's website.

Getting rid of your household waste

Underground containers

Most municipalities in the Utrecht region have public underground containers where you can dispose of your garbage seven days a week. You can open the containers with and often without a garbage pass (‘afvalpas’). There are different containers for general waste, paper, glass, and textile.

Please note:

  • Please throw away your garbage using a closed garbage bag (60-liter max.).
  • Please leave the garbage in the container. You could be fined if you leave your waste next to the container.
  • Please flatten carton boxes or tear them in pieces.

Utrecht region’s municipalities have different recycling policies. You can check what services your council provides by going to their website.


The municipality can provide bins (‘kliko’ container in Dutch) to residents who can place their garbage and recycling at the curb. You can order a ‘kliko’ through your local municipality. Please send a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)6 - 24 92 76 65 to order a bin with the city of Utrecht.

Find the containers in your area and the collection days for bins

Find out when your bin and recycling collection days are, and what you should use your bin for on the ‘Afvalwijzer’ website or Afvalwijzer app. After filling out your zip code and house number, you can choose the English flag at the top right.

Download the Afvalwijzer app


How to get rid of large unwanted items

Bring your unwanted items to a recycling centre or ‘kringloopwinkel’ (charity)

If your items are in a good condition, you can donate items to charity. You can also take items to your local recycling centre (or ‘tip’) - find a recycling centre by checking on your municipality’s website. You can find the Utrecht’s recycling stations and their opening hours at utrecht.nl/afvalscheidingsstations.

Let the municipality collect your waste

Are you not able to bring your own waste to a recycling station? Some municipalities also collect bulky waste. The bulky waste collection service is for collecting large items of waste that will not fit in your bin. You can check what services your council provides by going to their website.

If you want to make an appointment in the city of Utrecht to have your waste collected, please call +31 (0)30 286 0000. They will provide you with more information about what you can include, where to leave it and when they will collect it.


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