Giving and getting feedback in the Netherlands

What you need to know

An article by Channable

Feedback is an important tool for personal and professional development, refining skills, and promoting a more efficient work environment. Dutch companies know this well, and this is why feedback culture is widely practiced in workplaces around the Netherlands.

We'll delve into a structured approach - the B.I.O. method - to help you structure feedback for your colleagues and make this process meaningful. We will also cover how to transform feedback into a driving force for your professional career in the Netherlands. So, keep on reading!

Giving Feedback with the B.I.O. Method

The B.I.O. method, which stands for Behavior, Impact, Opportunity, provides a structured approach to make your feedback constructive and well-received. Begin by mentioning the specific behavior you're addressing – whether it's a successful client meeting or a missed project-deadline. Next, discuss with your colleague the impact that this behavior had on the outcome. Conclude by offering them an opportunity for improvement

Example of B.I.O. feedback: “You did not ask many questions in the meeting (Behavior) and this led to a proposal that didn't fully address your client's needs (Impact). If you engage more with the client next time, your proposals are likely going to be more in line with what they actually need (Opportunity).”

Transforming Feedback into Action

When you receive feedback, approach it with an open mind and the willingness to learn, and not only as a critique. Try to identify the steps that you can take to address it. Create a plan with actions and deadlines, and don't hesitate to seek guidance from colleagues if needed.

Transforming feedback into actions will demonstrate your commitment to improve as a professional. Remember: this method counts for both positive and negative feedback!

Who are we?

Channable is an Utrecht-based SaaS company in the eCommerce industry. Two of our company values are “Care to Share” and “Grow”, so we can say that feedback is really important for all of our 260+ international colleagues. This is why we are happy to share our learnings with the Utrecht international community!

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