Higher education: going Dutch

An article by Tio Business School

The Netherlands is the perfect place to start an international career, since it is (and always has been) the trading centre of the world. Dutch people are known for their spirit of commerce, open-minded attitude, ambitions and innovative ways of thinking. The ideal place for an international education! Where else would you find students from over 160 different countries?

Did you move to the Netherlands for a job, to be with your family and/or are you thinking about studying here? Utrecht Region is the place to be. There are dozens of universities and educators in this region alone, and many options to study in English if your Dutch is still a work in progress. Higher education in the Netherlands is known worldwide for its high quality and Dutch educational institutes score well internationally. Tio Business School, for instance, is highly regarded for the quality of its education and its bachelor programmes have been earning the highest scores in the independent Dutch Higher Education Guide for years.

As an internationally-oriented private Business School, Tio offers most study programmes in English as well. Students from across the world have found their way to Tio throughout the years. A large group of Dutch students also opt for an English-language programme: many of them have international ambitions, or are looking for an extra challenge along with their education. Especially in major cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht you find blended classrooms with locals, expats and exchange students. The Dutch have some of the world’s best non-native English skills, so don’t worry about language barriers! Experience life like a local, and don’t miss a thing about expat life either.

Studying at a private school has many advantages. A private institute is able to invest more, and more targeted, in the quality of education than government-funded institutions. In practice this means, among other things: more possibilities to tend to the personal needs of each individual student, the best lecturers who are also active in their industry, accelerated study programmes and strong ties with the business community.

For Tio, an extra plus is its large and (inter)national network, so studying here means the opportunity to explore different businesses and countries through internships, study trips and exchange opportunities. Planning to stay in the Netherlands? After graduation, the Dutch government offers expats the chance to apply for an ‘orientation year residence permit’ in order to find a job at a company in the Netherlands.

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