Top tips for seamless international move

An article by Royal De Gruijter

The idea of relocating across borders can stir a mix of emotions—excitement for new beginnings, apprehension about the unknown and the amount of planning that lies ahead.

Here are four tips from Dutch moving and relocation company Royal De Gruijter to help you take the stress out of the actual move so that you can concentrate on what's really important: making your new destination truly feel like home.

Preparation is key

The foundation of a successful international move lies in the planning. Even with professional movers involved, it’s essential to understand all aspects of the process beforehand and plan accordingly. This includes giving yourself enough time for everything associated with your move, from applying for visas and finding a new home to finding suitable schools with for the children.

Schedule your move - well in advance

If possible, plan your move outside the peak seasons. Summer is typically the busiest time for the moving industry due to school holidays. By scheduling your move earlier in the year or after the summer months, you can save money and have more flexibility in choosing your moving date.

This is also the time to start gathering important documents you will need during and after the move, school and medical records or vaccination certificates for the dog. Ensure these items are easily accessible during the move to avoid any last-minute stress or complications.

Choose a professional moving company

Selecting the right moving company is crucial, so we recommend reaching out to multiple companies for a quote.

Reputable moving companies will be FIDI-accredited. FIDI is a global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies, and the only organisation to offer an internationally recognised quality accreditation for the moving industry. Royal De Gruijter & Co, is a FIDI accredited international moving company and strives to offer excellence in all aspects of its services.

Compare services

When you compare quotations, make sure you check what is and is not included to avoid any nasty additional charges later. A quote that looks like good value at first could end up costing more in the end.

Consider the following:

  • Is the shipment method the same?
  • Are personal items shipped individually or consolidated?
  • Are terminal and port fees covered?
  • Is packing/unpacking provided?
  • Is accessibility considered?
  • Does it include customs clearance?
  • What's the quoted delivery timeline?
  • Who handles delivery at the destination?

Top of Form

To reduce your stress even further, consider investing in destination services, such as home and school search, or cultural and/or language training, all of which are provided by Royal De Gruijter as well. The earlier on in the moving process you think about what life will be like in your new home country and prepare, the easier it will be to fit right in - for you and your family.

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