Utrecht’s City Centre In 2040

The city of Utrecht made a vision document about the future of Utrecht’s city centre. In this document, they describe what they want the city centre to look like in 2040. And they would like to hear your feedback!

What will Utrecht’s city centre look like in 2040?

Read the municipality’s vision document, the summary or full version, and check out the video below to get a glimpse of Utrecht’s future city centre. Download the documents by clicking the buttons below.

Summary of vision document (in English)


Full version of vision document (in Dutch)



Respond to the municipality’s vision

What do you think of this vision? What part(s) do you like and what could be improved? The municipality of Utrecht would love to hear your feedback. You can give them your feedback until 19 April 2021 (now closed!):

  • Email: send an email with your written feedback to binnenstad@utrecht.nl. Please include your name/organization, address and place of living.
  • On paper. You can send a letter to the municipality of Utrecht:

Gemeente Utrecht
Ontwikkelorganisatie Ruimte
t.a.v. Inspraak Omgevingsvisie Binnenstad
Postbus 16200
3500 CE Utrecht

What is the municipality doing with your feedback?
The city administration will collect the reactions and examine them and decide what issues will be taken up in the final draft of the vision. They will cluster all the responses in a document and make this document available on their website.

The final draft and the document with feedback and answers will be presented to the City Council for decision making. They will probably decide on the Vision for the City Centre of Utrecht in 2040 in September 2021.

If you don’t agree with the answer to your feedback, you cannot file a formal complaint. However, you can inform the City Council about your opinion during the decision-making process.