BSN number

What is a BSN number?

A BSN number (burgerservicenummer) is a citizen service number: is a unique personal registration number held by every citizen in the Netherlands. Anyone born in the Netherlands receives one automatically. When relocating to the Netherlands and staying for longer than four months, you need to apply for a BSN as soon as you arrive.

A BSN is the first step towards opening a bank account, working, applying for benefits, filing your taxes, making use of the healthcare system and so on. The government uses the number to communicate with citizens and exchange personal information quickly with other official agencies.

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How to obtain a BSN number?

You must register with your local municipality (for a short or long stay) to obtain a citizen service number. Read more on how to register with your municipality in our section on registration procedures.

Do you need a BSN for inheritance tax purposes? Or do you need a temporary education number (as a temporary replacement for the BSN) to allow your child to go to school? Click here to find more information.

Living in Utrecht Region

Do you want more information in English about arranging formalities such as permits and registration or in general about living in Utrecht Region? Have a look on the website of the Utrecht International Center or visit the centre for a free consult with one of the information officers.