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The best of two worlds aptly describes Utrecht Region. On the one hand, there are vibrant urban centres with centuries of history, bustling outdoor cafés, museums and colourful festivals. On the other hand, you will find stunning nature with woods, rivers and seemingly endless ‘polder’ landscapes. Utrecht is home to over 1.5 million people, who enjoy excellent living conditions and working opportunities in a considered, sustainable region. Will Utrecht Region be your new home?


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Cities & neighbourhoods

Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city or the calm and quiet of village life? Utrecht Region has something for everyone. Discover where you’d like to live and which places are absolutely worth a visit.


Explore the region

Utrecht Region has many stories to tell. Explore the region’s marvellous cities, impressive water defence lines and glorious castles and country estates. And don’t forget to visit the cheese warehouses, flour mills and breweries to learn more about traditional Dutch crafts and trades.

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Monday in
Utrecht Region

Most Dutchies start the week with… coffee! They simply cannot imagine starting the day without a cup of freshly brewed goodness. You will find a wide array of great coffee on almost every corner.

Tuesday in
Utrecht Region

Of course, you need much more than a week to get to know Utrecht Region. First stop? The International Welcome Centre! We are open on Tuesdays (and other days) and are happy to welcome you.

Wednesday in
Utrecht Region

The Dutch are known for their good work-life balance. A lot of people who work part-time take Wednesdays off to relax or spend time with their children as most primary schools close by midday.

Thursday in
Utrecht Region

On Thursdays, most city shops are open until 9.00 p.m. Koopavond is when many people linger after work and enjoy the extended shopping period to seek out their next delight.

Friday in
Utrecht Region

A tradition to kick-off the weekend, the Vrijdagmiddagborrel is when mid-afternoon drinks and bites are enjoyed at work or people gather in a cosy bar for local beers and deep-fried snacks.

Saturday in
Utrecht Region

Every Saturday, the flower market takes place in Utrecht’s Janskerkhof square, where you can buy the best flowers in town and watch the square transform into a sea of colour.

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Sunday in
Utrecht Region

Sunday is reserved for leisure. Whether that means sleeping in, visiting family and friends or joining a road bike peloton in the country, we enjoy it to the max!