Coronavirus and its legal consequences

The coronavirus has a global impact and also affects the Utrecht region. We are facing tough times, not only now but also on long term. The coronavirus and its aftermath may have consequences for you, as an international, your family and maybe even your business. It may, for instance, have an effect on your employment, your legal residence in the Netherlands and your family situation.


You probably came to the Netherlands to work or start your own company and now you are maybe facing a unimaginable crisis. No doubt you have a lot of questions. When you are in trouble, when you are facing employment uncertainty or heavy losses in your company, it is important that you are aware of the different possible compensations and/ or benefits. For instance, the severance pay which the employer can provide to the employee when the employment is over, or unemployment benefits. For entrepreneurs and companies there are special corona crisis measures such as a reimbursement for entrepreneurs in affected sectors (Tegemoetkoming Ondernemers Getroffen Sectoren COVID-19, TOGS) but also the temporary emergency bridging measure for sustained employment (Tijdelijke Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor Werkbehoud NOW) and the temporary bridging measure for self-employed professionals (Tijdelijke Overbruggingsregeling Zelfstandig Ondernemers TOZO). A labor law attorney can be of help.

Legal residence

You may have some questions about how the corona crisis can affect your legal residence in the Netherlands and that of your family. Will I lose my residence permit when I lose my job? Can I apply for a residence permit for indefinite period of time during this crisis? Is it possible to travel outside the Netherlands and, more important, can I come back? Is it possible for my family member(s) from outside the Netherlands to join me? The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) handles these kind of immigration procedures. When you would like to have a better understanding about your residence rights in the Netherlands during and also after this crisis, we advise you to speak to an immigration attorney.

Family situation

Sometimes, family law can unexpectedly become an issue. For instance, when you get married while in the Netherlands or enter a relationship or, less pleasant, a divorce. Or when you lose your job as a result of the current crisis and you expect that you will no longer be able to pay the child support or alimony for your ex-partner. What are the consequences and what can you do? Do not hesitate to take action. It is often important to take steps in an early stage to be able to achieve good and proper solutions.

In need of advice?

When you have questions or face legal difficulties regarding your employment, family or residence due to the coronavirus and its aftermath, you can consult an attorney. Our partner AHL Advocaten can help you with these and other kinds of legal issues and questions. Feel free to contact Mr. Aartsen (labor law), Mr. Menkveld and Mr. Lodder (family law) and Mr. Jansen and Mr. Hekman (migration law) for a meeting. This first meeting (also possible via video conference) is in most cases free of charge. Visit their website for more information: