Meet locals at the buurtcentrum

Do you want to do something fun with the kids or learn something new yourself? Do you want to do a nice activity with your neighbours? Or just have a cup of coffee and a chat, around the corner of your house, with nice people? Het Buurtcentrum is a place for all Utrecht residents. Also for you! This is a perfect opportunity to meet locals and become part of the Dutch culture.

There’s always something to do in het Buurtcentrum

Het Buurtcentrum is a place with a social mission, organized exclusively for residents. They are located in all the different neighbourhoods in Utrecht. Come along to share & connect with co-residents, have a cup of coffee and join in at one of the existing activities! Visit your local Buurtcentrum to find out about the weekly program.

Organize an activity yourself!

You can also organize your own activity – something you want to share or maybe something you find important for the neighborhood! Do you have an idea but you feel a bit unsure? An employee of het Buurtcentrum can support you to bring more clarity over your plan.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some ideas: clothing swap evenings, language course, open yoga classes, game evenings with friends or neighbours, make music together, cooking with a group, crafting together, start up a book club.

The facilities of het Buurtcentrum – rooms of different sizes and kitchens – are most of the time free to rent, depending on your offering. Come by in one of the Buurtcentra to discuss the possibilities with one of the employees.

Feel welcome to visit a Buurtcentrum where one of the employees will be happy to further assist you in English!

DOCK together with the Gemeente Utrecht manage the Buurtcentra in the city. The social workers of DOCK are the connecting network between the people, neighbourhood and different organisations in the city. They’re always open to hear your ideas and questions. They have information about everything that concerns the neighborhood and the residents.

Find a Buurtcentrum facilitated by DOCK & Gemeente Utrechtor make an online reservation. For more information and renting of spaces, send an email to